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01Token standard protocol “SASTA”

SASTA (SGMCHAIN Alliance Standard Token Agreement) can be said to be a protocol that DApps using the SGMCHAIN blockchain must follow when applying to tokens according to smart contracts

Using the SASTA token protocol, SGMCHAIN blockchain users can build a safe and secure digital infrastructure.

It consists of more than 130 customized application programming interfaces (APIs) to develop DApps by reducing development costs and time. Equipped with DID (Decentralized Identifiers) and DAPI (Decentralized Application Program Interface) functions, it can transfer all data such as personal information while protecting them completely.

SGM Token

SGM is original basic cryptocurrency of SGMCHAIN blockchain. Tokens that are issued by SGMCHAIN network based on SGM are called SGM Tokens. SGM related Tokens(SGMCHAIN Alliance Standard Token Agreement) based on SGMCHAIN's Mainnet contribute to popularized, due to its fast and easy way to issuance of token by using smart contracts..

02DID (Decentralized Identifiers)

In SGMCHAIN DID, the identity person and the identity authentication institution store the ID in the block chain, and then the authentication institution issues a Verifiable Claim only once, and the middle node checks the identity when registering or logging in to the service and delivers only yes or no (O, X) to the service provider.Only the identity person has ID-related information, and no third party has the identity information.

03DAPI (Decentralized Application Program Interface)

As a program function provided for the convenience of developing DApps running on SGMCHAIN, it is a connector that connects SGMCHAIN and DApp. In order to use SGMCHAIN's blockchain, developers can directly connect to the decentralized network with a development language with which they are familiar without using a separate system or development language.

In addition to SGMCHAIN Mainnet core engine API, SASTA also provides other useful modules such as live streaming, smart wallet, communication network, and P2P cloud API.