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The wallet is a tool to manage the SGMCHAIN account and to sign in to the SGMCHAIN DApps.


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Discover about the SGMCHAIN key technologies and check out the SGMCHAIN based DApps


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Select the DApps with your taste and experience the new kind of DApps in the SGMCHAIN.


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Utilize the SGMCHAIN blockchain network and the Token economics, Build the DApps without difficulty


Token issuance

Able to issue the own DApp service tokens in the SGMCHAIN blockchain


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Connect secured blockchain service to both DApp builder and the users

What are the SGMCHAIN DApps?

Decentralized Applications (also known as DApps) refers to a decentralized distributed application using blockchain technology. To put it simply, DApps are type of distributed open source digital application that runs on a blockchain network instead of relying on a single computer. In particular, the DApps run on the SGMCHAIN blockchain can apply to the service easy and fast with the SGMCHAIN's unique blockchain advantages.

The SGMCHAIN DApp can be built by applying it to various industrial fields and services. Also it can be stored and operated by distributing information on the network without a central server utilizing blockchain technology.


  • Easy and quick development Utilize various APIs & package and the SASTA, develope the DApps easy and quick.
  • Interoperability Anyone with the SASTA Wallet can utilize the DApps built on the SGMCHAIN.
  • Transparency All datas including the DApps transaction operated in an open and transparent blockchain.
  • Security High security by storing in a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, the SGMCHAIN blockchain.