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01User-centered Mainnet

Mainnet, SGMCHAIN’s blockchain, is the world’s best technology recognized and accredited by the world, enabling user-centered ID/Wallet management.

We take the lead in popularizing services by using a blockchain platform that anyone can use easily through Mainnet, which is the most advanced blockchain developed by independent technology.

DDPoS Algorithm Innovative consensus algorithm
300,000 TPS Competitive network speed
Windows & Linux base node setup.

02DDPoS Consensus Algorithm

BPs in SGMCHAIN work based on a consensus algorithm called DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake). 17 persons are fixed as the verification target, while four are randomly selected from all participants for verification. The existing DPoS model is targeted for hacking 21 people. In the SGMCHAIN model, however, it is more difficult to hack because 4 random participants are added.

DDPoS is a new consensus algorithm of the 3.5th generation that solved both the speed problem of PoW (1st generation) and PoS (2nd generation) and the security problem of DPoS (3rd generation) for further development. Setting this model as DDPoS (Dual DPos), SGMCHAIN has completed patent applications around the world.

The main features of DDPoS are:

  • BO (Block Observer) was introduced to prevent collusion between BPs or attacks on specific BPs.
  • BOs are randomly selected and participate together with BPs in every round of block creation.
  • Among a total of 21 BPs, 17 elected masternodes and 4 randomly selected BOs (Block Observers) generate blocks and make an agreement.
  • It takes up to 3 seconds for blocks to be created, and 45 seconds for a single transaction to be confirmed.

BP (Block Produce)

BP (Block Producer) refers to a node that produces blocks.

Block creation cycle

First, the block creation order of 17 master nodes and 4 random nodes is determined. After all 21 nodes create blocks, 4 new random nodes are selected and the block creation order is randomly determined. It takes up to 3 seconds for blocks to be created, and 45 seconds for a single transaction to be confirmed.

03Transaction Performance

The difference in block generation and transaction speed occurs depending on the difference in verification method.

Since the PoW method has 7~10,000 transactions per second that can be processed, it is difficult to apply it to the actual service because of the problem of processing speed. Thus, the existing PoW method companies are making various attempts to increase the speed, failing to escape the limitations of the original model.

EOS, which is a DPoS method, processes 100,000 transactions per second, but our DDPoS method has a processing speed of 300,000 transactions per second and creates blocks every 3 seconds, making it suitable for various services. In addition, all transactions are performed smoothly, resulting in excellent reliability.


SGMCHAIN’s Mainnet has a speed of 300,000 TPSD recognized by KOLAS (Korea Research lab-recognized by 72 countries), proving its technological prowess with the world's fastest block record.


SGMCHAIN's independent Mainnet enables smooth transaction processing and free ecosystem configuration, and provides stable services such as web/app wallet creation and remittance.


Based on SGMCHAIN's DDPos algorithm technology and fast blockchain consensus performance, it guarantees the scalability of various services..

04Developer Friendliness

SGMCHAIN provides more than 100 APIs so that even developers who are not familiar with blockchain technology can develop easily.

In SGMCHAIN, you can easily build a block chain with an API optimized for the development of various services and applications without the pressure of learning new programming.

You can link the smart contract on your computer to Mainnet without separate upload.

You can develop program services without learning a new programming language.